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Mindbody Integration – Setting up Users and viewing Appointments/Classes

In order to view appointments & classes in the diary, you will need to activate a user for each staff member delivering those sessions.

  1. After integration, navigate to the “Users and availability” tab of the settings page to see all Staff who take appointments and classes. All Mindbody users and patients will show with a Mindbody icon alongside their names.
  2. Click on a Mindbody user to review their permissions. By default, all imported staff members are set up as clinicians with access to the locations they deliver services at in Mindbody.
  3. Once reviewed, click “Activate” to enable this user to login to Cliniknote. As part of doing this, you may be notified that your subscription will increase in cost to the next tier.
  4. Once a user is activated, all their classes and appointments with active patients registered will appear in that clinician’s ClinikNote Diary.
  5. Alternatively, you can navigate to the patient dashboard and select a patient and then click on “Details” to see their upcoming appointment list.