Features that save you time and money

No more wasting time finding and storing patient files, no more spending on paper or stationary, no missing files and no more filing storage space needed. Cliniknote lets you take digital health clinical records your way, saving you valuable time, freeing up reception and admin staff and allowing you to see more clients or even finish your consultations earlier. This clinical note record taking app does it all easily. Try it and see how it not only saves you money but all the headaches that you used to have recording notes on paper.

Made for iPad

From the ground up, ClinikNote has been designed specifically for use with the Apple iPad, making it a dream to use, and constantly improving your clinical notes and day to day activities in your practice.

WEB Draw on any device

ClinikNote also has the best and accurate touch screen drawing experience. No iPad. No worries. Cliniknote works just like a native app on any touch device via WEB drawing! Use a stylus or your finger. Also with pre-defined selections and categories that are customisable, taking notes has never been faster or easier.

Consent and Intake Forms

Create and have clients fill out intake, registration and consent forms with ease. Even send them via your own email or SMS. Forms have e-signatures for patients to sign easily. The Consent and Intake Forms feature comes with a Dashbaord to filter and search forms with ease. This is all free and included for Cliniknote subscribers. There is also a stand-alone option for those who want forms only.

Apple Pen

Use the iPad pen and use the native app to draw and write just as you would on paper. As the app is native to the iPad and not web-based, it allows the smoothest and best user experience making a seamless transition from paper to digital. Draw on custom or imported body charts and record your clinical notes as you normally would.



With your templates and forms easily built by the desktop web-app, use the iOS on-screen keyboard or any keyboard attachment to input text into your notes. As our notes have multiple types of input, you are able to interchange between drawing and typing quite easily.

Speech to Text

The quickest way to take clinical notes. Just use the inbuilt speech to text conversion on the iPad keyboard or any other third party app and all of a sudden, clinical note taking is recorded the fastest way possible. Saving the clinician time and the practice owner money. Most of all, it lets you spend valuable time with the patient and away from tedious note writing. There has never been a quicker way to finishing your SOAP notes!

Handwriting to Text Capability

This feature is capable with our iPad app for those who wish to install any of the many available third-party apps that allow writing to text conversion. Make your clinical note writing legible and searchable.

iPad Camera

Use it to quickly take a photo of a doctors referral or X-ray report and upload it to the patient’s online file. Easily categorise where you place it for quick reference and look up. You can even take a photo of the patient as an objective measure

Easy to learn & use

Using ClinikNote to go paperless, doesn’t require a fancy computer in front of patient detracting from the clinician-patient interaction experience. Clinik Note is intuitive. Have your admin staff enter the patient details and with two clicks you are writing or typing clinical records. It is the simplest and most user efficient app to record clinical notes. No need to purchase expensive proprietary tablets.

Get more done on Desktop with the web-app

Whilst you can use your iPad or touch screen devices for recording notes via drawing, you can also complete and manage your notes on desktop, making it perfect for receptionists, or end of day activities.

Manage Users

The web app administrator allows you to assign roles, add users and manage passwords.

Admin Tasks

Add new patients, add injury episodes, upload documents to attach to patients, print or email clinical records. Categorise documents uploaded and tag them for easy reference and lookup.


Web app allows you upload your existing clinical templates or use the inbuilt template builder to make your own templates digital. Make as many templates as you want. Your practice your way.

Mac, Android, Windows – any touch screen device

Type your clinical notes on Mac, Android, Windows or any touch screen device – view and review clinical notes, sign off on your treatments and notes.

Admin Checks

Any unfinished notes show up in an “Unsigned Notes” column. Keep you and your staff responsible and efficient.