Features that Save You Time and Money

ClinikNote is the ultimate SOAP notes app designed specifically for healthcare professionals to streamline clinical note-taking and improve practice efficiency.

ClinikNote allows you to take digital clinical notes on your iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, or any touch screen device, eliminating the need for physical materials and reducing your expenses on supplies.

Made for iPad

From the ground up, ClinikNote has been designed specifically for use with the Apple iPad, making it a dream to use, and constantly improving your clinical notes and day-to-day activities in your practice. The app is optimized for the iPad, providing a seamless and intuitive experience for recording SOAP notes on the go. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the move, ClinikNote gives you the flexibility to capture clinical notes efficiently and effectively with your iPad.

WEB Draw on any device

ClinikNote also has the best and most accurate touch screen drawing experience of any SOAP notes app. No iPad? No worries. Cliniknote works just like a native app on any touch device via WEB drawing! Use a stylus or your finger. Also with pre-defined selections and categories that are customisable, taking notes has never been faster or easier. You can capture clinical notes using touch screens on devices such as Mac, Android, Windows, or any other touch screen device. ClinikNote gives you the flexibility to choose the device that works best for you and your practice.

Consent and Intake Forms

Create and have clients fill out intake, registration, and consent forms with ease. ClinikNote provides built-in forms with e-signatures for patients to sign easily. You can even send the forms via your own email or SMS for convenient and secure data collection. The Consent and Intake Forms feature comes with a Dashboard to filter and search forms with ease, making it efficient and organised. This feature is included for free with ClinikNote subscription, and there is also a stand-alone option for those who want forms only, providing flexibility to suit your practice’s needs.

Apple Pen

Use the iPad pen and the native app to draw and write just as you would on paper. As the app is native to the iPad and not web-based, it allows the smoothest and best user experience, making a seamless transition from paper to digital. Draw on custom or imported body charts and record your clinical notes as you normally would. ClinikNote’s integration with the Apple Pencil provides an intuitive and familiar way to capture clinical notes, making it easy and convenient for healthcare professionals who prefer handwriting.



With your templates and forms easily built by the desktop web-app, use the iOS on-screen keyboard or any keyboard attachment to input text into your notes. ClinikNote supports multiple types of input, including typing, drawing, and handwriting, allowing you to capture clinical notes in a way that suits your preference and workflow. You can create templates and forms using the desktop web-app, and then use the iOS on-screen keyboard or any other keyboard attachment to input text efficiently.

Speech to Text

A SOAP notes app isn’t complete without the quickest way to take clinical notes. Just use the built-in speech-to-text conversion on the iPad keyboard or any other third-party app, and all of a sudden, clinical note-taking is recorded in the fastest way possible. ClinikNote’s speech-to-text feature saves clinicians time and allows them to focus more on patient care, reducing the time spent on tedious note writing.

Handwriting to Text Capability

ClinikNote supports third-party apps that allow writing-to-text conversion on the iPad, making your clinical note writing legible and searchable. This feature is especially useful for those who prefer handwriting over typing.

iPad Camera

Integration with the iPad camera provides you with a powerful tool for capturing and managing visual information in a smart and efficient way. By leveraging the iPad’s camera capabilities, you can quickly capture and categorize images, annotate them with comments, and easily reference them whenever needed. This feature enhances your clinical documentation process, supports better patient care, and saves you time and effort in managing visual information in your practice.

Easy to learn & use

ClinikNote is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. It does not require a fancy computer in front of the patient, ensuring a smooth clinician-patient interaction experience. With just a few clicks, you can start writing or typing clinical records, making it the simplest and most efficient app for clinical note-taking.

Get more done on Desktop with the web-app

ClinikNote’s web-app provides a seamless and efficient solution for clinicians and administrative staff to get more done on desktop. It offers a user-friendly interface, robust note-taking features, and seamless synchronisation with the iPad app, making it a perfect tool for receptionists or for end-of-day activities. Whether you’re managing patient records or documenting clinical notes, ClinikNote’s web-app is designed to streamline your workflow and help you be more productive in your practice.

Manage Users

ClinikNote’s web app administrator tools provide a robust and user-friendly solution for managing users, allowing you to assign roles, add users, and manage passwords with ease. With these tools, you can ensure that your clinic or practice operates smoothly and securely, while granting appropriate access to the system for each user based on their responsibilities and privileges.

Admin Tasks

ClinikNote’s SOAP notes web app streamlines administrative tasks, making it quick and easy to manage patient records and documentation. As an administrator, you have a range of powerful tools at your disposal to efficiently handle administrative tasks.


ClinikNote’s SOAP notes web app allows you to upload existing clinical templates or create your own digital templates. You can make as many templates as you want, customizing them to suit your practice’s needs. This feature ensures consistency in note-taking and saves time in documentation.

Mac, Android, Windows – any touch screen device

ClinikNote is not limited to just iPads. It can be used on Mac, Android, Windows, or any touch screen device for clinical note-taking, viewing, and reviewing. This versatility allows you to use ClinikNote on the device that suits your preference or practice setup.

Admin Checks

ClinikNote’s SOAP notes web app includes a convenient feature called “Admin Checks” that helps you and your staff stay organised and efficient. Any unfinished clinical notes that are pending signature or completion will be automatically listed in the “Unsigned Notes” column, making it easy for you and your staff to quickly identify and address any pending documentation.