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  • With every subscription to Cliniknote, you have a free Reception or Frontdesk user. This allows a person to enter patient personal data, add an episode, upload any documents e.g. imaging reports or referrals. The limitation with a reception

  • Hello fellow clinician and practitioner. Welcome to Cliniknote – the iOS app and web-app that allows you to record and organise your clinical records your way! This is the first of a series of support blogs outlining simple step by st

  • Most medical professionals at some point have spent uncounted hours writing and re-writing clinical notes. The move from paper to electronic health records has left many clinicians spending more time writing, filing, and updating their clin

  • Now that you have logged on and created your user, an important feature of Cliniknote is that you can upload your own images and templates to draw on. This feature allows you to continue to conduct your client consultation the way you would

  • Practice Consent forms are made free for subscribers of ClinikNote. There is also a consent forms only option for those who just need consent forms but no need too record clinical notes or data. The following article will show you how easy

  • One of the most important legal and ethical aspects of a health professional’s job is to take and keep accurate notes on every interaction with a patient. This obligation doesn’t end with the taking of clinical notes, the safe and secure st

  • As a healthcare professional and business owner, running an efficient and secure paper-based process for new patient intake and consent forms can be time consuming. Medical practices use Cliniknote to improve their workflow by sending their

  • Did you know studies have shown that up to 75% of Australian and New Zealand medical practitioners are suffering from signs of burnout?1 While burnout in the medical and health fields is a complex topic with many underlying causes, the amou

  • The recording of patient information has been traced back to cave paintings and stone carvings of prehistoric times and Egyptian surgical case reports documented on papyrus. It was Dr. Lawrence Weed, professor of medicine and pharmacology a

  • Whether you’re a physio, chiropractor, osteopath, myotherapist, massage therapist or a doctor, the necessity for taking and updating in-depth clinical notes for each patient is one of the highest priorities. Up until recently, most allied h

  • Creating templates and making your own paper templates digital has never been easier. The following tutorial will show you how to simply create a universal SOAP progress note using the template builder. To use the template builder, head ove

  • The use of technology, especially mobile devices by clinicians and health care providers, is rapidly changing the way medical professionals manage their practice, their patients, note-taking and file storage.1 With the latest advancements i