Putting an end to the paperwork problem with Clinical Notes software

Did you know studies have shown that up to 75% of Australian and New Zealand medical practitioners are suffering from signs of burnout?1 While burnout in the medical and health fields is a complex topic with many underlying causes, the amount of paperwork and administrative burden placed on clinicians is undoubtedly a major factor. The paperwork and administrative burden varies between Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and other professionals, but some studies have placed it at about 25% of their entire work day.2 This burden can only be sustained for so long.

These administrative tasks also have another symptom; they result in less time spent face to face with each patient, taking time from the most important aspect of healthcare. That’s where electronic clinical notes software comes in – it is designed to streamline and reduce those administrative tasks to free you up for the most important aspect of your job – your patients.

What is Clinical Notes software?
Until recent innovation, note taking was an art form that really hadn’t changed much for a couple of centuries. You take a pen, a piece of paper and you jot down as much pertinent information as you possibly can without diverting too much attention away from your patient. You then take that piece of paper and add it to the possibly dozens of other pieces of paper in your patient’s file and you jam it back in the filing cabinet to pull out next week.

Thankfully, those days are looking numbered. In our experience, when a clinician makes the move to the electronic side and spends the time to learn and set it all up – there’s no looking back.

The best clinical note software alleviates the administrative stress for clinic owners so they can focus on what they do best; treat the needs of their patients. Today’s medical field is extremely complex, fast paced and constantly growing and advancing and spending hours each day on routine administration, clinical notes and filing cannot be maintained if you also want to be profitable as well.

The best clinic software helps clinicians to manage the business aspects and related tasks, but what are the important components of medical practice management software? While specific best practice software systems vary, most software enables users to document patient information, create reports, and complete regular administrative tasks like scheduling follow-ups and ensuring notes are kept up to date.

What are the benefits of Cliniknote software?
Cliniknote software is designed by medical professionals, for medical professionals. By taking years of experience in busy practices and integrating that knowledge into clinical note software, we are able to focus primarily on the issues that clinicians find important and time consuming. Cliniknote lets you take digital health clinical records your way, saving you valuable time, freeing up reception and admin staff and allowing you to see more clients or even finish your consultations earlier and spend time growing your practice.

• Electronic notes are more efficiently shared between medical professionals – perfect for your patient who is seeing more than one provider
• Electronic clinical notes allow clinicians to take down legible notes every time
• Electronic notes can be taken down by several means – voice-to-text, direct typing and handwriting to text
• Customise your clinical note templates with an inbuilt template builder – free up even more time
• No more storing bulky paper files and spending time trying to find and re-store them
• Electronic clinical notes are protected from any mishaps like fire and flooding – everything backed up securely on Amazon servers
• Keeps you and your staff responsible and efficient with any unfinished notes being flagged and picked up automatically before close of business
• Take progress photos of your patients, store X-rays and file them securely or share with your patient
• Cliniknote is compatible with Windows and Apple

If you have been thinking of taking the plunge into electronic clinic software but aren’t ready to take the financial risk just yet, take advantage of Cliniknote’s free 30 day trial. We know that change isn’t always the easiest aspect of a clinic owner’s experience, but changing to electronic clinic software is an investment in not only your time, but also your own wellbeing.

[1] https://acem.org.au/getmedia/0da6a4e7-9bc2-4e0f-83ea-95ee51a6f8fc/Workforce-Sustainability-Survey-Final-Report_November-2016.aspx

[2] https://www.amawa.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/General_Practice_in_Primary_Care-1.pdf

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