How to build a Consent/Intake form?

Practice Consent forms are made free for subscribers of ClinikNote.

There is also a consent forms only option for those who just need consent forms but no need too record clinical notes or data.

The following article will show you how easy it is to build a consent form.

Go into “My Account” and on click the plus symbol on the floating bar and then select “New Consent Form”

This will take you to the “Consent form Builder screen”. Name the form. In this example I have named it “Intake form”. I have also selected Allow registration.

This means that whoever fills in this form will be registered on your database automatically and their form will appear as an attachment to their file.

This feature will save you time as it can also be emailed or as a SMS to a client. More on this later.

If you do not select the “Allow Registration” it will not register a client but rather be a form for an existing client on your database.

Then hit the “Add Field” button and it will give you the option field your can use to build your own form.

The options you have a listed. For our example intake form select “single line text box”

Type in your question your want on your form. if you check the “required field” button it means that the question must be answered by the client.

Once you are happy with what you have selected and typed hit the “add field” blue button.

Next we will give examples of some of the other consent form builder options. Select “Multiple lines text box”. This just gives the client the a bigger box to type in their response.

Next select the “YES/NO Question” field.

This will allow you to ask a question which must have a YES/NO answer. You can make as many questions as you like repeating the process.

Make sure you check the “Field is required” box if you want the client to answer an option. A cool feature is that this type of question is searchable in the “CONSENT FORM DASHBOARD” as are other answers for any form via filter searching.

Using the “check box with label” is a good option if you want the client to tick off a check box making sure they agree to any term or treatment option.

If you select “Field is required” it will ensure they tick the check box agreeing to what they have read or condition.

If you have a paragraph or more written content to put in the form such as a body of text outlining your terms and conditions or disclaimers you can use the “LABEL” field option.

It comes with a rich text editor allowing you to change font size, add an image using a URL link and much more.

One big feature is the “SIGNATURE BOX” field. By selecting this you have the ability for the client to electronically sign the form either with their finger, stylus or mouse on their own device.

You can also give them your device in the clinic for them to fill this out and sign.

You also have the option to have a “DATE” field for the client to select today’s date.

And also “EMAIL” field for them to put in their email. Please note if you select “ALLOW REGISTRATION” if automatically has this data field in it.

Once you are happy with your new CONSENT FORM – remember to hit the ‘SAVE FORM” button.

If you are successful it will give you a message saying you have saved your form and can view it. If you click to view it will open the form in another tab.

Click on the video to view the consent form we just created.

The form you created has its own unique URL. All you have to do is copy it and then that is the unique URL to your form that you can easily cut and paste into any email or even SMS to a client.

Once they hit the link it will open up the form for them to fill in and when they finish it it will say “FORM SUBMITTED”. Don’t worry they will not have any access to your data.

See form below and note the URL. You need to copy your own as each CONSENT FORM is a unique URL that belongs to your clinic and account only.

To view your form you can also go to the “CONSENT FORM DASHBOARD”. On you main page hit the plus button and select the option.

It will take you to the “CONSENT FORM DASHBOARD” where you can see the forms you have created and any forms submitted. Please see further support articles on how to get the most of the CONSENT FORM DASHBOARD.

There you have it. You have created your first consent form. Just follow the steps and use any field you need to make as many forms as you want.

Email or SMS as many forms as you require to save you time, money and administration effort.

CONSENT FORMS are easy. Your practice, your way!

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