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Practice Information and Location


Practice Information

In this section you enter the name of your practice / clinic. This name will appear on your invoices and official correspondence from Cliniknote. You can edit the name by clicking the EDIT button.

Your practice name is different to your location.

Practice Location

Practice Locations is where you can add or edit your practice / clinic location. To do this click on ADD NEW next to Practice Locations

Entering your address uses google places to quickly find the address and populate the location fields. To complete the Practice location setup please enter the following details in the fields provided:

Location Name – if you have one clinic you can use that name or provide the name of the clinic at your location.

Practice Timezone – here type in your country or city for a quick look up of your timezone and select the correct time zone for your location.

Phone – here enter the phone / cell number that clients uses to phone your practice location.

Fax – if you have a fax here you can enter the fax number that people use to fax documents to your clinic.

Email Address – here you enter the email address of the clinic / practice location. This is the work email that you want displayed on your invoices and any correspondence to clients.

ABN / Business ID – this is where you enter your unique business identifier number that will appear on your invoices and any official correspondence from the practice location such as emails. Note that each country will have its own legal requirements for you to enter such details. It is your responsibility as the user of Cliniknote to enter the correct details you require by law and that which you want to appear on your invoices.

You practice is the name of the business you operate. For example, my Practice name is Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy. My locations refer to where you operate that business. You may have one or more locations in your business eg. Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy at in East London location and another clinic at a West London location.

Once you are happy you have entered all appropriate details hit the SAVE button. You can edit the details at any time by clicking on the location you have created.

Multiple Locations

If your Practice has multiple locations click the ADD NEW button to create a second location entering the details as outlined above. Repeat the same process for more locations.


Cliniknote will automatically apply the correct currency for invoicing and reporting purposes by the location of the practice / clinic you have entered.