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How to Invoice a patient

How to invoice a patient

There are two possible ways to invoice a patient.

1. The first is to invoice them directly from their appointment on the diary booking. Click on the booking and mark the patient as arrived.



Then you will see the Go to Invoicing icon light up red. Click and select it.



It will take you to the patient invoicing page. Here you can simply select to CREATE INVOICE or if you wish to add more items / sales to the invoice, select the plus button and the search for the extra items you wish to add.



Once you are on the patient invoicing dashboard, click create invoice. This opens up the invoice as a draft where you can edit it, add more items and receive payments. Here you will see the consultation fee and you can add any extra items to invoice.




It automatically sets the invoice to be billed personally to the patient. You can edit the invoice details such as due date, who to bill, and add internal notes or notes on the invoice.



If you need to invoice it to another biller eg. Insurance company, you can create another biller on the patient dashboard. Then make sure the correct biller appears on the invoice details before you issue the invoice.



On the invoice screen you can select Mark as outstanding to change the invoice from draft to active and outstanding.



From here you can also add a payment against the invoice and you will notice the invoice status changes to OUTSTANDING. From here you can email the patient or biller direct or PDF download the invoice for printing.