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Auto-save Clinical Notes Tips

The auto-save feature is there to ensure you do not lose any critical notes. You will notice at times when you are entering data into a medical note, the auto-saving feature appears indicating the data is being saved. To trigger the autosave, you have to exit the page you are on, or click outside the text field / drawing box your are on, to trigger the save.


To ensure it works efficiently, please ensure that you never close your iPad while still in a clinical note field. It is always best to exit the note taking screen and ensure the auto-save feature appears. If you haven’t completed that note, you can always find it in notes in progress and complete it at a later time.


Likewise, if you are adding data into a text field, just click into another field to activate the auto-save and then you can exit that screen.


This will ensure that your notes are always safe and most importantly saved.