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Setting up a subscription

How do I subscribe to Cliniknote?

To use Cliniknote beyond the free trial, you will need a valid subscription.


To create a subscription, go to your settings tab and on practice settings, select MANAGE PLAN.


This will take you to the MANAGE PLAN page where you can select your subscription option.



Currently there are five options – single user, 2-5, 6-10, 12-20, and above 20. You do not need to select a plan here. It will automatically start on the first single clinician user plan. Once you then add more admin or clinician users within your Cliniknote account, it will put you on the correct pricing plan depending on the users you have added. For example, if you are the primary admin account holder and add another clinician user to your account you will be on the second plan 2-5 user plan and will be charged $80 AUD automatically. If you drop that user and are back to a single user, you will automatically be put on the single user plan of $40 AUD.


Enter your credit card details so they can be validated by STRIPE which holds the cards information. You will be redirected to the STRIPE payment checkout page.



Once STRIPE validates your credit card details, you can add users up to the user plan you have selected.


STRIPE will automatically email you an invoice for your records and taxation purposes once a payment has been processed.


In subscribing to Cliniknote you agree to have STRIPE automatically charge your credit card monthly on the billing cycle. You can cancel your subscription at any time or upgrade / downgrade your plan to accommodate clinician users.


Your credit card will be charged on the day you subscribe to Cliniknote and you won’t be billed till the following month billing cycle. So when your credit card is charged it allows you usage of the Cliniknote for the month ahead.