The benefits of cloud based clinic management software

Whether you’re a physio, chiropractor, osteopath, myotherapist, massage therapist or a doctor, the necessity for taking and updating in-depth clinical notes for each patient is one of the highest priorities. Up until recently, most allied health professionals managed these notes with paper systems that can be inefficient to find, update and sometimes even harder to read.

Cloud-based management systems are gaining popularity though as they allow medical professionals to take and update notes with just a couple of clicks. While it might seem like a relatively recent buzzword, Cloud Computing and Cloud based technologies have been around for over two decades. The core purpose of cloud based software is to help organise administrative tasks on the go, simplify invoice creation, streamline patient bookings and billing, and manage client or patient medical records electronically.

Assuming you have an internet connection, you can take control of your practice from anywhere and save important information directly to the secure cloud based server.

What does Cloud-Based mean?

Cloud computing may be a big shift from the traditional way businesses operate technologically, but the core functions are based on plenty of research and input from medical professionals. Cloud computing simply means that the delivery of services like file storage, servers, client databases, networking, software and analytics occurs over the Internet (the cloud), rather than on paper or a hard drive. Cloud-based systems allow you to set up a portable virtual office, giving you the flexibility to connect to and analyse your business 24/7.

Is going Cloud-Based complicated?

Going paperless doesn’t require you to buy a fancy computer or undergo weeks of training to learn a new system either. Clinik Note is designed by medical professionals, for medical professionals. Clinik Note is intuitive and customisable with no need to purchase expensive proprietary tablets either. Every bit of software is compatible with iPads and desktop computers, perfect for cutting down on administration and costs.

What are the benefits of going cloud-based?

There are many reasons why businesses are turning to cloud-based software, not simply because more and more as a society we are becoming untethered from physical files and systems.

  1. Going cloud based saves money

One of the most common reasons clinic owners list as a reason to not upgrade to cloud-based software is the perceived cost of doing so. This couldn’t be further from the mark. As a clinic owner there is not much more important than money in the pocket. The old school way of utilising software (stored on a disc or on specialised systems) was inefficient for using on multiple devices and borderline impossible to streamline for the whole clinic. By saving on equipment, server costs, IT specialists and physical files, you can direct your funds to more profitable places.

  1. Files are more secure

This might sound counter-intuitive for those that like to see and touch physical files, but the reliability and security of cloud-based systems has improved drastically. Where do you currently store your patient files, notes and information? If you store them on a laptop, desktop computer or a cabinet, losing access to that pc or having the cabinet damaged would be a disaster. With cloud-based systems, you can delete data remotely if a laptop is stolen or compromised and the data stored on the cloud is behind encrypted firewall protections.

  1. More time in the day

No medical professional enjoys spending hours every day writing, changing, finding and sorting clinical notes. Keeping paper files updated with patient details, medications, exercises, changes, referrals and recommendations can take Allied health professionals hours each day. Imagine having access to the updated file for every patient for the day on your iPad from the moment you step in the office? Updating notes with voice-to-text or writing directly with the iPad pen in a client’s file and having it auto-saved for you is like having an assistant in your pocket.

By taking a free trial of Cliniknote you will get a window into knowing what it’s like to enjoy writing clinical notes again and realise the benefits of spending more time face to face with your patients. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, going electronic could be the best thing that’s happened to your administration.

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