How to streamline your patient intake and consent form process

As a healthcare professional and business owner, running an efficient and secure paper-based process for new patient intake and consent forms can be time consuming.

Medical practices use Cliniknote to improve their workflow by sending their new patient intake forms directly to the patient to submit their contact information, date of birth, medical history, emergency contacts and more.

Many clinics still have their new patients fill out paper forms instead of cloud based forms. They’re usually given out and explained at the front desk by a receptionist when a patient arrives for an initial consultation and then filed in a cabinet for compliance.


You’ve probably spent hours wondering how you can maximise the information collected from your booking and patient forms and apply it to your practice.

How do you quickly search and segment your patient database for those with certain needs or to undertake a targeted marketing campaign?

Paper forms are:

  • Hard to compile specific details from quickly
  • prone to error, damage, and loss
  • prone to handwriting illegibility
  • hard to read when scanned in
  • limited when manually uploaded to patient CRM database
  • environmentally unsound

Being a small business doesn’t mean you can’t compete with large medical companies when it comes to upgrading to a more modern cloud-based clinic management software.

Create custom secure, online forms for your health clinic

Technology can help you become more organised and give you a birds eye view of your business that would normally be an administrative burden.

The solution to spending your days shuffling through paper forms is to work smarter, not harder.

With Cliniknote, you can create customised patient intake and consent forms with the power of cloud based software that will bring uniformity, intelligence and improve:

  • Productivity in the way your practice manages paperwork
  • The strategic knowledge needed to grow your practice
  • Uniformity in how you handle clients
  • Security for patients
  • Data integrity by reducing human error

Use technology to minimise tasks that don’t add value to your business

Business owners and practice managers tend to want to do it all, but time is a finite resource and practice owners need to triage their time between client management and business management.

The more patients you see, the more profitable your practice becomes. But, if your staff are spending hours every day writing up notes, searching patient records and taking care of 101 other secondary administrative tasks; your practice isn’t being as productive as it could be.

You want your expert staff to be able to spend their most productive work hours interacting with clients and looking for opportunities for growth. Not worrying about paperwork, compliance and other tasks that can be replaced or streamlined with technology.

Cliniknote software helps medical practitioners:

  • Create client intake and consent forms to suit their practice by inserting text fields, multiple choice questions, yes/no buttons, images, and more
  • Use forms to include a signature field for your client and one of your team to sign
  • Send Forms by either SMS or email to complete on their computer, phone or tablet
  • Reduce person-to-person contact on site by having intake forms completed online
  • Improve waiting room flow, as clients don’t need to come in early to complete paperwork
  • Improve preparation by receiving client intake forms in an easy to read online format before consultation

For owners who are serious about growth, clinic software sits at the centre of their operations and is an integral part of their management solution.

Talk to us today if you would like to discover the benefits of switching to a cloud based patient management system.

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