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Using the consent / intake / questionnaire form builder

You can use the consent / intake / questionnaire form builder to create your own forms. To start, select CREATE FORM while on the consent form dashboard. It will take you to the template builder.



First name the form.

If you wish the form to be used as an initial registration form, a form you can email to a new pateint email, QR code or even open on your tablet for a new patient to fill in, tick the ALLOW REGISTRATION field.



If you just want a consent form, or to build a questionnaire form, leave the box unticked. You will then be able to email an existing patient the form, QR code or just select a form while working on the patient clinical notes dashboard.

The form builder offers many type of fields and radio buttons to help you create and build your form. Click ADD FIELD and the options list will appear.



Select any relevant field in building your form. Don’t worry if you select a wrong field. You can delete, edit and even change the order the fields appear in the form.

Once you have created your form, select SAVE FORM and you will receive a prompt saying the form is saved. You can click the unique link it creates and view your form. Every-time your make an edit to the form, it will create a unique link and QR code. You are not to worry about losing previous forms that you update. They are still saved against the patient’s who filled them in.