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Clinik Note is a clinical note taking iPad and web-based application designed by a specialist physiotherapist for physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, myotherapists, massage therapists and allied health professionals.

Digital Clinic Notes
Digital Clinic Notes

ClinikNote is an intuitive and simple application to take clinical notes with ease.

ClinkNote Client Interaction

Taking notes on an iPad or tablet touch device improves the clinician and patient experience. No big screen between you and the patient.

ClinikNote Custom Templates

ClinikNote allows you to easily import your own clinical templates or simply create them digitally.

ClinikNote PDF Export

ClinikNote comes with the ability for you to easily export your patient data and notes as a PDF, to share digitally with patients and colleagues.

Type, Speak, Draw
Type, Speak, Draw

ClinikNote is the only application that lets you record clinical notes your way. Take notes by drawing on any device, typing or speaking on any device. No training required.

ClinikNote Intake/Consent Forms
Intake/Consent Forms

Create and have clients fill out intake, registration and consent forms with ease. Comes with e-signatures for patients to sign easily.

ClinikNote Designed for you
for you

Designed for clinicians, by clinicians. All interactions are designed with the user in mind, optimising the therapist-patient interaction.

ClinikNote User Management

Quickly and easily manage users and levels of viewing and writing of notes.

ClinikNote Digital Signing

ClinikNote has a signing of notes feature that secures the record and eliminates the tampering of records.

ClinikNote File Categorisation

Categorisation of uploaded referrals, doctors letters, imaging findings, insurance reports is made simple by using the create category and tag # system.

ClinikNote Photos & Images
Photos &

Easily take photos of the patient or scan a document into ClinikNote and organise them quickly and easily into the patient’s file.

ClinikNote Auto Save

Our auto-save feature means that your notes are saved as you go giving you peace of mind – no forgetting to save or losing data.

ClinikNote Secure Storage

All data is stored on highly secure and stable Amazon servers. The patient’s data and the patient’s clinical notes are separated, encrypted and de-identified for increased security. This is one of the requirements for HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

ClinikNote Patient Management Software iPad Initial Assessment

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