How to add a drawing template

Now that you have logged on and created your user, an important feature of Cliniknote is that you can upload your own images and templates to draw on. This feature allows you to continue to conduct your client consultation the way you would with paper. Your Clinic, Your way!

The first step is to enter into your account by clicking on the dashboard icon and selecting My Account:

This will take you to your account management screen. Hover over the floating plus icon on the bottom right and then click on New Form Template.


This will take you to the template builder screen. Here you can build a combination of text or drawing boxes as a template. In this instance we will only create a drawing template. Note that if only a drawing note is selected it will be created as a New Drawing Note on the iPad, not a New Form Note which is a text fields and or text fields combined with drawing notes. The following will explain. Once you select New Form Template it will take you to the template builder screen.

Here you can either select a drawing note or a text field. In this instance select the image icon on the right. It will open a drawing note box. You now have to either select an existing uploaded image or upload a new image. To do this click on the image icon next to the drawing box.

This will open up the Select Image Template screen. Here you can either select an existing drawing image or upload a new one.

Your version of Cliniknote will not have any drawing images. Drawing images and templates are individual to your clinic. Converting them to either a jpg, jpeg or png file is necessary to be able to upload it.


Body Chart


I have uploaded a png file for you to use. Click the link and download it onto your computer to use as a drawing note.

Don’t forget to rename your template from “Untitled Form Template” to “Body Chart”

There you have it. You have created your first drawing note with the template builder. You can now access this drawing note on the iPad. Once you select a patient and episode, press the plus button and go to “New Drawing Note”

This will take you to all the drawing note templates you have created.

Select the body chart and start drawing!

Your practice, your way!





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